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 +# Liste der Akronyme. Zum besseren Verständnis auf //Diese Seite bearbeiten//​ oder //Seite anzeigen// klicken.
 +ACL          Access Control List
 +AFAICS ​      As far as I can see
 +AFAIK        As far as I know
 +AJAX         ​Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
 +AIM          AOL (America Online) Instant Messenger
 +API          Application Programming Interface
 +ASAP         As soon as possible
 +ASCII        American Standard Code for Information Interchange
 +ASP          Active Server Pages
 +BTW          By the way
 +CD           ​Compact Disc
 +CGI          Common Gateway Interface
 +CMS          Content Management System
 +CPU          Central Processing Unit
 +CR           ​Carriage Return
 +CSNDR        Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk
 +CSS          Cascading Style Sheets
 +CVS          Concurrent Versions System
 +DE           ​Desktop Environment
 +DBA          Database Administrator
 +DHTML        Dynamic HyperText Markup Language
 +DNS          Domain Name Server
 +DVD          Digital Versatile Disc
 +EOF          End of file
 +EOL          End of line
 +EOM          End of message
 +EOT          End of text
 +ESMTP        Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
 +FAQ          Frequently Asked Questions
 +FDL          GNU Free Documentation License
 +FTP          File Transfer Protocol
 +FOSS         Free & Open-Source Software
 +FLOSS        Free/Libre and Open Source Software ​
 +FS           ​Filesystem
 +GB           ​Gigabyte
 +GHz          Gigahertz
 +GIF          Graphics Interchange Format
 +GPL          GNU General Public License
 +GUI          Graphical User Interface
 +HTML         ​HyperText Markup Language
 +HTTP         Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
 +ICQ          I seek you (Instant Messenger)
 +IE           ​Internet Explorer
 +IIRC         If I remember correctly
 +IIS          Internet Information Services
 +IMAP         ​Internet Message Access Protocol
 +IMHO         In my humble opinion
 +IMO          In my opinion
 +IRC          Internet Relay Chat
 +IRL          In real life
 +ISO          International Organization for Standardization
 +ISP          Internet Service Provider
 +JDK          Java Development Kit
 +JPEG         Joint Photographics Experts Group
 +JPG          Joint Photographics Experts Group
 +JS           ​JavaScript
 +LF           Line Feed
 +LGPL         GNU Lesser General Public License
 +LOL          Laughing out loud
 +MathML ​      ​Mathematical Markup Language
 +MB           ​Megabyte
 +MBpS         ​Million Bogosorts per Second
 +MHz          Megahertz
 +MIME         ​Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
 +MIT          Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 +MML          Mathematical Markup Language
 +MP3          Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 3
 +MPEG         ​Motion Picture Experts Group
 +MSDN         ​Microsoft Developer Network
 +MS           ​Microsoft
 +OMG          Oh my God
 +OpenGL ​      Open Graphics Library
 +OPML         ​Outline Processor Markup Language
 +OS           ​Operating System
 +OSS          Open Source Software
 +P2P          Peer to Peer
 +PDA          Personal Digital Assistant
 +PDF          Portable Document Format
 +Perl         ​Practical Extraction and Report Language
 +PERL         ​Practical Extraction and Report Language
 +PHP          Hypertext Preprocessor
 +PID          Process IDentification number
 +PIN          Personal Identification Number
 +PNG          Portable Network Graphics
 +POP3         Post Office Protocol 3
 +POP          Post Office Protocol
 +QoS          Quality of Service
 +RAID         ​Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
 +RAM          Random Access Memory
 +RDF          Resource Description Framework
 +ROM          Read Only Memory
 +ROTFL        Rolling on the floor laughing
 +RPC          Remote Procedure Call
 +RPM          Rounds Per Minute
 +RSS          Rich Site Summary
 +RTFM         Read The Fine Manual
 +RTF          Rich Text File
 +SCSI         Small Computer System Interface
 +SDK          Software Development Kit
 +SDL          Simple DirectMedia Layer
 +SGML         ​Standard General Markup Language
 +SMTP         ​Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
 +spec         ​specification
 +SQL          Structured Query Language
 +SSH          Secure Shell
 +SSI          Server Side Includes
 +SSL          Secure Sockets Layer
 +SVG          Scalable Vector Graphics
 +TIFF         ​Tagged Image File Format
 +TLD          Top Level Domain
 +TOC          Table of Contents
 +UDF          Universal Disk Format
 +URI          Uniform Resource Identifier
 +URL          Uniform Resource Locator
 +URN          Uniform Resource Name
 +VBA          Visual Basic for Applications
 +VB           ​Visual Basic
 +W3C          World Wide Web Consortium
 +WAN          Wide Area Network
 +WAP          Wireless Access Protocol
 +WML          Wireless Markup Language
 +WTF?         What the f***
 +WWW          World Wide Web
 +WYSIWYG ​     What You See Is What You Get
 +XHTML        Extensible HyperText Markup Language
 +XML          Extensible Markup Language
 +XSD          XML (Extensible Markup Language) Schema Definition
 +XSL          Extensible Stylesheet Language
 +XSLT         ​Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
 +XUL          XML User Interface Language
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