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Hier findet man alle offiziellen Downloads zu CSNDR.


Builds sind bereits fertig kompilierte Versionen, die lediglich entpackt und ausgeführt werden müssen.

Version Betriebssystem
0.5.0 GNU/Linux i386 (1.2MB) MS Windows (2.0MB)
0.4.5 GNU/Linux i386 (1.2MB) MS Windows (1.9MB)
0.4.4 GNU/Linux i386 (1.1MB) MS Windows (1.9MB)

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(wird bei den Win-Builds mitgeliefert)

empfohlene Voraussetzungen

  • Grafikkarte mit 3D-Beschleunigung
  • Soundkarte



Der Quellcode zum selbständigen Kompilieren der Binaries.

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Scripte, die zum Entwickeln nützlich sein könnten.

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  • 2007-12-15 0.5.0
    • implemented locales. (almost) every text can be translated to other languages (game messages, error messages, dialogs, names of items and characters). this makes creating dialogs a little bit more complex, but I hope it's worth the effort
    • implemented toggle delay also for fullscreen toggling. otherwise faster computers would switch more than once on a single key press
    • quit dialog: any other key than ESC resumes game
  • 2007-10-28 0.4.5
    • improved quest sytem. available player dialogs may depend on completed quests
    • quadratic font maps. this saves about 94% of texture memory for each font map, because we had to resize them to power of two dimensions
    • special objects can be marked as non passable with the solid keyword
    • event system to trigger special events like teleporting the player, changing the map through a dialog or changing the player image
    • theme support for maps. no more butterflies in the desert :/
    • switch to cmake for makefile generation
    • start coordinates for world and player editable through config file
    • several code improvements
  • 2007-08-10 0.4.4
    • the „damn the machine“ release
    • implemented skill level. visibility of characters, items and objects depends now on player progress
    • characters may give items to player or take them away
    • improvements get randomly (horizontally) mirrored on level load
    • moved improvements code from world.cpp to own file world_improvments.cpp
    • more flexible parser of map items, characters and objects
    • fixed bug in font drawing where fontmaps with different character widths weren't drawn properly
    • added additional larger font used to inform player about special events
    • fonts use antialiasing
    • added delay between toggling of auto pickup / auto talk and graphical messages to show the current state of them
    • game no longer refuses to start if there is no audio device
    • sound can be disabled via config
    • added shadows to player, characters, items and improvements
    • several small code reworks

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