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Version 0.4.4

More work on the item system and a skill system was added, to make quests more dynamic. Additionally the game is more configurable and the user may enjoy graphical messages.

thb_0.4.4_01.jpg thb_0.4.4_02.jpg

Version 0.4.0

More new stuff. Dialogues support sound synchronization and an item system has been implemented.

thb_0.4.0_01.jpg thb_0.4.0_02.jpg

Version 0.3.8

A new forest texture. And now every level has its own name and the nature seems to be more lively. You can see funny butterflies and Choerbaert watches some graceful eagle flying around.


Version 0.3.4

Higher resolution, higher quality textures. But the forest texture is crap and the desert looks like a wallpaper.

thb_0.3.4_01.jpg thb_0.3.4_02.jpg

Version 0.3.2

More work on the dialog system. Now the player can choose between different questions and answers.


Version 0.3.1

Better dialog system and modified title screen.

thb_0.3.1_01.jpg thb_0.3.1_02.jpg

Version 0.3

Version 0.3 provides a very simple dialog system.


Version 0.2.6

First steps in creating transitions between textures. Also vertical fences are now available :).


Version 0.2.5

The player can hide behind flowers and similar „special objects“. Now they are animated, too. In addition there are several different types for each of these textures available to create a more varying terrain.


Version 0.2.0

Old textures replaced by more realistic ones. Additionally there are „improvements“ like flowers and trees.


Version 0.1.1

You can see the title screen and an ingame shot. Unfortunately the original fence texture doesn't exist anymore.

thb_0.1.1_01.jpg thb_0.1.1_02.jpg

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